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13 February 2012

The BSc Natural Sciences is back on the cards! Well, all the humanities courses are 60 points - and I just can't afford that right now. I'm not sure how much patience they'll have with me - but I've been told I can 'get away' with a short course this year and still get the transitional fees thingie. So I've just started S176 Living without oil: chemistry for a sustainable future which will serve as some revision. There sure is a lot of chemistry - much of which I've forgotten completely!

12 December 2011

I got the First Class Honours, which is cool. But the certificates/qualifications actually mean far less to me than the actual studying and learning new things. Plans have, therefore, changed again - thanks, in part, to changes in the transitional fees arrangement rules (one qualification only). I did the short course, SA188 - Archaeology - and didn't enjoy it all that much, so that put me off the analytical science course I'd registered for. I realised, also, that there was little 'new' that I could learn with the science courses - unless, that is, I did a load of maths and, being realistic, that is beyond me! So, that leaves the arts, which I've only really dipped my toes into and I've opted to do a BA in Humanities and signed up for the compulsory foundation course, AA100, which I start in February. We'll see how it goes!

8 August 2011

Got my result for EA300 on Friday. No distinction for that one - now there's a surprise! But I was very surprised to get 88 for my ECA and that, together with 80 for my coursework, gave me a grade 2 - and that should be enough for a First Class Honours (wow!) - BUT this can't be confirmed because the lady who works out the honours (for some reason mine has to be worked out manually because I've carried over points) is on holiday!
The OU announced HUGE increases in fees for English (only English) students, which puts studying out of the financial reach of most. But there is some transitional relief IF we are already doing a degree/diploma til 2017. So I've speedily signed up for a Diploma in Higher Education and a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Studies - though I expect the latter to 'bounce' because there's a compulsory course which has its last outing in February and I don't want to do it then ...

4 August 2010

OK, I got a distinction in A363 too. Must be a fluke.

15 October 2009

Just because I got a distinction of A215, does not mean I can write. I struggle on with A363 ...

21 July 2008

I dumped S339, because it was HARD and I didn't need to do it (is that a good enough excuse?!). I seem to be in a no-man's land at the moment. The government is stopping funding for people who already have degrees - ie, they will not subsidise the courses, so that, instead of (say) £350 for a 30-point course, the cost will be around £1000, which is ridiculous. (See Government's response to petition). So I am trying to 'squeeze' in that BA before I move onto the MSc (which will not be affected, fees-wise, as the government hardly subsidises those anyway and they DO cost £1000+ !!) With this in mind, I'm starting A215 (Creative Writing) in September. I need to then, somehow, get in another 10-point course and another 60 point level 3 course, before the new rules hit. That means I need to register for them and registration isn't open yet - grrh!

This page is a mess at the moment - something happened to it, and I'm not sure what. This is the tidiest I have time to make it, for now. But I did pass AT272, Grade 2 - whoo! :)

Another U-turn .... I dumped the archaeology course - not because it wasn't quite interesting, but because I realised I was wasting my time, energy and money on doing an arts degree - my heart just isn't in it. I'm going to do a couple of level 3 Earth science courses, which I missed out when doing the degree. Hopefully these will fill a couple gaps, in time for the MSc. AND, in yet another U-turn, I've decided to do A215 from next September and A300 the following year, so that I can claim my BA and also a Diploma in Literature and Creative Writing! (We'll see!)

4th August 2007 - UPDATE (a bit late!). I am now officially a graduate, having gone through the rigmarole on 12th April at Torquay's Riviera Centre. It was a nervewracking experience, but I'm glad I did it. My 'gap year' lasted precisely 3 months, as I decided to 'go for a BA' in the quickest possible time! If I've worked things out properly, I only need 100 new points to get this degree and I can do these whilst hanging around waiting for the MSc in Earth Systems to materialise (promised for 2009 - but who knows). So, I started AT272 - Ancient and medieval cities: a technological history (10 points), at the beginning of May. It was a terrible course, but I did manage to complete it by the end of July. I'm starting the new World Archaeology course (A251 - 30 points) in September (although I already have the course book, which does a good job of sending me to sleep at night), which will end in February - and then I start AA310, Film & Television History (60 points), which promises to be a hoot!!! That would do it. I think. I can honestly say, that I totally loathe the arts courses, and, in particular, history .....

(so I scrapbook ....)


9th February 2007 - Yesterday, I cancelled my A103 registration as I couldn't summon up the enthusiasm or motivation required. I decided I needed a break - so this is my gap year! :)


4th January 2007 - I decided to have a play with the arts! It will be a brief interlude, I think - but I *might* get a BA out of it .... (I really love science).

14 December 2006 - passed both SXG390 and S330 (just!), so now have my honours degree! Awaiting confirmation of 2.1 classification.

18 December 2006 - confirmation got! :)

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I started my first course with the Open University in February 2002; it was something I had always wanted to do - and I've loved every minute of it (barring the revision slogs and S293!) I have already been awarded a Certificate in Natural Sciences and a Bachelor of Science degree (unclassified). As I write this (28 Oct 2006), I'm awaiting the results of SXG390 (pretty confident of a pass) and S330 (pretty confident of a non-pass), which, together would give me a 2:1 honours degree. While waiting, I'm currently studying S194 to complete my Certificate in Contemporary Science. Links to the courses I've taken, over there --**********************************************************************

At approximately 16:45, Thursday 15th December 2005 (with a full moon!), I learnt that I had passed the course U316, The Environmental Web (with a distinction!) and therefore had attained my goal of a Bachelor of Science degree. WHOOO!!! This is a very SPECIAL feeling - and, in time honoured (even if corny!) tradition, a million thanks, hugs and kisses to all who have supported, helped and believed in me over the last few years!

Now onwards to the honours!



1. Wicked, elitist, narrow-minded member of tiny unelected aristocracy which does not share the beliefs of the great majority of people. "How can metaphysical life [New Age] theories and explanations taken seriously by millions be ignored or excluded by a small group of powerful people called 'scientists'?" [Andrew Ross, Strange Weather]

2. A bourgeois, legitimator of capitalist exploitation. "Science is the ultimate legitimator of bourgeois ideology." [Lewontin, Kamin and Rose, Not in our Genes] See Starbucks [a place where scientists drink coffee].

3. A dull, plodding, unimaginative person who only knows how to count things; a bore; a geek, a nerd, a swot, a grind.

(Butterflies and Wheels)
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