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I just needed something different to do! So I booked this course on 11th May, just on deadline - and can't wait for the mailings to arrive!

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Study Diary of S182

18th September

Received my result this morning. A 78% pass!

This course is linked with Sir David Attenborough's Life of Mammals television series. This specially-made course gives you the opportunity to learn about these diverse and fascinating animals at a level beyond what is possible from watching the TV series alone. You will learn more about how mammals differ biologically from other animals, about the social habits of different mammals, their modes of feeding and reproduction, and to what extent their survival is threatened by human interference and exploitation. The mammals studied range from the familiar - such as cats, dogs and foxes - to the rare, exotic and spectacular - tigers, whales and polar bears. Particular attention is paid to the approaches that scientists use to find out more information about mammals, including how mammals have evolved over the 200 million years or so since the earliest types appeared on Earth.

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