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S280 Diary

16th January 2004

Have finished the lead and finished the agriculture and have finished my first draft of TMA01. Rather quick, I know - but I needed to get ahead a little, because of the other course (which I'm not mentioning right now - as I'm *trying* to do that TMA too - and it's, well, not going all that well!).

I enjoyed most of these two (small) books, very much - although wasn't all that enamoured with pesticides (something to do with the chemistry, no doubt!)

[Ex-S103ers Egg Yolk Survey!]

Onwards to Nucear Power then - yikes!!

26th December 2003

Having a break right now (enforced - something to do with the "festive season"), but hope to be back to the "Lead" book soon. I'm about halfway through that one - and, quite surprisingly perhaps, I'm finding it extremely enjoyable!

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