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meanieairplanewindow.jpg - 10571 BytesThe plane drove very fast down the runway, making a terrifying sound - and then it flew into the sky! Meanie could scarcely believe it. He was above the CLOUDS!!
Meanie followed the flight chart. Altitude; position; temperature; tail wind. He wanted to be the CAPTAIN with a peaked hat, a penchance for fine port, lots of money and a wife who looked like June Whitfield. He went off into a little dream world and imagined he was Douglas Bader. Or did he mean Red Adair? Or Dan Dare? Or Amy Johnson? Dumbo? Then he was woken out of his reverie by a terrible sight.meanieflying.jpg - 23286 Bytes
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Meanie went to sleep. He slept for many hours and when he awoke, the plane was descending to land. Wow! He tidied himself up a bit and put on his smart hat, ready for landing.

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Meanie was in AMERICA!

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