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dan.jpg - 5055 BytesFirst PC

Although I had worked on many different makes/models of computers during my last job (including Apple Macs), our first family PC was a DAN. He only had 1.3GB of harddrive space, but we loved him to bits and he is still going strong. He moved out when Nick moved out and is now happily still performing in his new home (with the addition of more harddrive space and RAMs).

Current PC

It is a Time. What you see in the photo (top right), is just about all that is left of the machine (purchased in February 2000) - that is, the 17" monitor (on the blink) and the keyboard. Oh, the CD-R and the original floppy drive still work, but that is quite a miracle. I have had 2 new harddrives, new motherboard, a new CD-ROM (bought with a DVD; never worked) - millions of new mices and new speakers. The internal modem doesn't work either (I use an external Zoom modem). None of the replacement components have been "Time" components - nor has the work carried out been carried out by a "Time" engineer. I wouldn't let them in my house..............

Specifications (what I remember)

Intel Pentium III 600 MhZ
20 GB harddrive (15GB Windows; 5GB Linux)
128 MB RAM
Sony CD-R

Operating Systems

Windows 98
Linux Mandrake 8.1


Toshiba Tecra 8000. Purchased June 2002 (2nd hand)


Intel Pentium II 300 MhZ
8 GB harddrive (6.5GB Windows; 1.5GB Linux)
128 MB RAM
Internal DVD drive
External Floppy Drive
56k PCMCIA Modem
14.1" TFT Monitor

Operating Systems

Windows 98
Red Hat Linux 7.3
laptop.jpg - 4063 Bytes

Other Computer

There is another PC in the house - my other son's Hewlett Packard. That's all I know about it - except that it runs Windows 98. I'll try to find out more! :) Anyway, he's a "spare"!

The Web

I am no good at computers, technically - but I did manage to teach myself how to make web pages, in the summer of 1999, with some help from NCSA's Guide to HTML and the source code of a friend's very simple web site! :) Since then, I have made websites on many subjects - though mainly football - and, more recently, concerning my OU studies.



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Open University, 2nd level Technology course: TT280: Web Application - Design, Development and Management
Grade 2 Pass (71% Coursework; 91% Examinable Component)

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