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S269 Diary Block 1

10th April

My tutor phoned with my TMA01 score! 77%! I'm happy with that! :)

2nd February 2004

I've done a 1st draft of TMA01 and put it away!! It's abyssmal, but will do for now, as I can't spend any more time on it - onwards to Block 2!

Synthesis of Chemical Elements in Stars

Process Reaction Elements produced Where Stellar Mass
ppI, ppII, ppIII chainstablei1.jpg - 3106 Bytes 4He cores of main sequence stars; outer shells of giant stars > 0.05 solar masses
3α process (helium fusion) tablei2.jpg - 4644 Bytes 12C cores & shells of red giant stars > 0.5 solar masses
α particle capturetablei3.jpg - 2719 Bytes 16O cores & shells of red giant stars> 0.5 solar masses
CNO cycle See Figure 2.5 from OEL (p.26) 14N




cores of main sequence stars > 1.5 solar masses
Carbon burningtablei4.jpg - 5493 Bytes 20Ne
cores of main sequence stars 3-4 solar masses up to 8 solar masses
s-process reactions (slow neutron capture) many heavier elements up to 56Fe cores & shells of main sequence and giant stars 3-4 solar masses up to 8 solar masses
r-process reactions (rapid neutron capture) many heavy elements above 56Fe up to 238U supernova explosions (neutrons released by breakup of 56Fe nuclei) > 8 solar masses

Key: α = alpha particles, e = electrons, γ = gamma rays, υ = neutrinos

2nd December

Made a start! I am going to read Book 1 again, which will delay further starting Book 2! Well into chapter 2. (Lovely stuff!)

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