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S198 Exploring Mars Diary


18th March


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30th November

Finished off the ECA today! Had to really, because the mailings for S269 and S365 have been sent out - and I really must get on with those courses if I can. I might have to look at the ECA again, although I think it might be good enough - I hope so.

16th November

Done the map-reading stuff and have just completed Chapter 4. I find it rather difficult to differentiate between the altitude colours on the map (totally different answers to the questions than I should've had!) - but apart from that, all is coming together nicely! I am totally amazed by the sizes of the volcanoes on Mars! A volcano (Alba Patera) with a base diameter of 1200 km - incredible!

11th November

The books arrived yesterday and I'm already nearly through Chapter 3 of the coursebook - just can't stop reading - seriously interesting!

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Coursebook contents


Solar System Exploration
The Solar System
The planets of the outer Solar System
The planets of the inner Solar System

Missions to Mars
The Mariner missions to Mars
The Viking missions
The Mars Pathfinder Mission
Mars Global Surveyor
Mars Odyssey
The 2003-2004 missions

Inside Mars
Some basic physical properties of the planets
How to make a planet
The internal structure of the Earth
The internal structure of Mars

The Martian Landscape
Planetary resurfacing
Volcanism on Mars
Impact craters
Martian fluvial and aeolian processes

Mars and Life
What is life?
The martian environment
The search for life on Mars

"Beagle" contents

(First edition. Limited edition of 3000 copies.)

On the origin of Beagle
Is there life on Mars?
Tales of two Beagles
The ship that sailed to Mars

8th November

The materials were despatched on 6th. Waiting with very bated breath!!

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