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We conducted a poll on what should happen to Meanie; here are the results:

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Meanie says, "THANK YOU!". He has been touched by your overwhelming response to his plight - and has decided (despite the evil wishes of 4) not to end it all (quite yet).

And he is CLEAN!

(The STAIN is bearly perceptable now - though is still slightly there.)

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"Clarks was the pits - this is more like it!"

As you can see, Meanie is now MORE EXCITED than ever he's been!

We conducted a new poll, to ask whether Meanie *should* go to Hollywood.

Here are the results of that poll as of 28/09/04 19:26:47

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Meanie says thanks to all - and he wants to share with you his excitement. He HAS BEEN to Hollywood!

Meanie Invites You To Tinseltown!!

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