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Day 3, Tuesday 16th June

Today, we planned a whole day trip up to Waipio Valley, stopping at waterfalls and botanical gardens along the way. However, I was up early, as usual and, this morning, the tidal pond looked more inviting (and I think was less deep) - so, when T finally emerged, we donned our aqua gear (!) and got into the water! It was a struggle - those steps were really unsafe. You had to wear reef shoes, because of the sharp lava at the bottom of the pond. The water came up to my chest and the flotation device was useless - it felt like it was strangling me! What's more, when I floated, I kept going onto my back and I didn't like being so 'out of control'. I didn't stay in there long, but I had 'swum with the fishies'! T snorkelled. Briefly. He wasn't keen on the claustrophobic feeling. Paul went in and floated around, but didn't snorkel.

preparing to snorkelsnorkelling in our pond
Lagoon Shangrila pondIn the tide pond

       We packed up our lunch and set off towards Hilo and, just a little north from there, turned off and drove through the old cane field (watch out for spiders!) to Akaka Falls, where we ate our lunch in the car before walking down to the falls. The walk was probably even better than the falls - absolutely gorgeous tropical foliages.

Akaka FallsAkaka Falls vegetationAkaka Falls
Akaka Falls flowerVegetation, Akaka FallsAkaka Falls

       We headed on towards Waipio Valley. I always hoped that we would be there in time for the last van trip of the day - but it was doubtful - especially as we stopped in Honoka'a for scrapbook supplies from Island Paperie. I bought a load of Hawaii papers and stickers - and Paul bought a load too! What a great son! So, by the time we arrived at the Waipio Valley lookout, the last van trip of the day had just left. We comforted ourselves with the fact that it would've been quite expensive and enjoyed the view. It was chilly up there!

The road down into Waipi'o Valley Waipi'o Valley Waipi'o Valley - Valley of the Gods
Waipi'o ValleyWaipi'o ValleyWaipi'o Valley

       We turned around and headed back down the coast road, stopping at Laupahoehoe to look at the monument to those who had perished in a tsunami here (most schoolchildren and their teachers) in 1946.

Laupahoehoe memorialMemorial plaque to those who perished in the 1946 tsunamiLaupahoehoe

       Back at Hilo, we decided on Chinese for supper and stopped at the Panda Express! It was good food and quite inexpensive.

Panda Express, HiloHibiscus outside Panda ExpressPanda Express
Panda ExpressPanda Express

       My fortune cookie said, 'Don't be overly suspicious where it's not warranted'. What of? The meat?        Back at the house, we packed up our bags, ready to leave in the morning - and endured one last evening with the roaches, frogs and heat.

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